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Lord Ganesha

Vedic Astrology

Illuminates your life path and encourages your potential

Jyotiṣa is an ancient tool of divination that is used to measure and assess key life patterns within cycles of time. It shines light on a wide variety of questions related to life themes, beginning of new ventures and insight on important decisions.

Tanya's Journey

Founder Tanya Thompson

Tanya Thompson

I have studied and practised Jyotiṣa for over a decade; providing individual readings and teaching. My practice of Jyotish is complemented with a background in Ayurveda, Polarity Therapy and other healing modalities. While studying Jyotiṣa, I pursued my interest and capacity in counseling; accessing training in Hikome (body/mind therapy), Satir and other counselling disciplines. ...
Through Jyotish I have learned so much about myself; it has provided insight and guidance on my life path and has nurtured my potential. I have so much gratitude to my teachers and to this Vidyā and the opportunity to share the wisdom of this tradition with you


Tanya has guided me, in a kind way, through a difficult time in my life. She has provided me with insight into my past, present and future self. This has allowed me to make decisions that keep me in a place of gratitude. Thank you Tanya