Lord Ganesha


Currently my teaching is one on one. I offer an Introductory Jyotiṣh course which will provide you with the foundational building blocks needed to begin to navigate and read a chart. For a detailed outline of this course
Further opportunities are available to advance your studies in Jyotiṣh, including Yogas, Vimṣrottari daśā, and Iyer’s amśas.

I also provide mentoring for those seeking support in their studies of Jyotiṣh.

For more detailed information about any these learning opportunities, please


There are not enough words to express the impact that Tanya has made in my life as a guide, mentor and now my teacher of Vedic Astrology. She came into my life during a challenging time on my path. Tanya’s ability to just open her big heart and hold space without judgement has allowed me to find my courage and confidence to just be me. Her wisdom and passion of Jyotish shines through in every session we have together. Tanya has truly been a blessing on my journey and she is a guiding light to all those who cross her path. My heart smiles because I have found my way home...