My exposure and interest in Vedic traditions began in 1990 through my training in Polarity Therapy; a form of body work based on Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Through my instructor, Margaret Lambert, I met Dr. Robert Svoboda who ignited my passion and love for Ayurveda. I had the privilege of learning Ayurveda from Dr. Svoboda for five years by organizing and sitting in on consultations with him. During this period I studied with Dr. Vasant Lad at the

Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Mount Madonna in California. Accessing both teachers brought depth and scope to my understanding of Ayurveda as a living science which I applied to my own life and to my full time practice of Polarity Therapy. I met Hart de Fouw while at the Ayurvedic Institute.

My first reading with him inspired me to pursue the beautiful science of Jyotiṣa and I began some of my training at this time. I balanced my role as single parent with my desire to pursue studies in Ayurveda and Jyotiṣa. I took advantage of this time by completing my BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) and pursuing a variety of counseling forms including Hikome. I worked in the field of social services as a family counselor for ten years. This period was valuable in strengthening my capacity to support others and integrate western ideologies with ancient traditions. In 2003, I seized the opportunity to study intensively with Hart de Fouw. I supported my learning with Steven Highburger, a skilled and experienced Jyotiṣi. I have been practising Jyotish full time since 2016. In 2019 I started teaching Jyotish. Find out more about my teaching program.


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Tanya has been a life saver for our family, she helped us tremendously through one of the darkest times in our lives. Her insight and vast knowledge of the Vedic astrology has given us support and comfort in what is happening and what is to come. We are always stunned by her accuracy of events, even to a specific date. It doesn’t matter what issue you are dealing with, whether its family, career, or education, she will advise what direction would be the best for you. Words can’t describe how much Tanya and her wisdom has helped us.
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Tanya Thompson knows her Jhotish astrology thoroughly and is able to combine that knowledge with intuitive insight to illuminate the inner nature of her clients on a deep level. This can allow them to move forward on their life path with a new-found awareness of strengths, weaknesses, upcoming challenges and opportunities. Tanya's readings have provided me with crucial guidance over the past several years and I highly recommend her services. Stephen Lones, Nelson, BC.
3/ 3
Tanya is a skilled jyotish in many ways because of broad life experience and deep knowledge of jyotish. Her years of studying with a jyotish master is shared in her insightful and life enriching readings. My experience has been that her readings offer amazing information into my past, current and future life situations. Difficult information is delivered with compassion, support and humour. I have known Tanya for many years and it is wonderful to experience and support her work. Everyone I have sent to her has been extremely pleased with what she brings to their reading.